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Septic Maintenance

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Specialized Septic Maintenance Services in Shaftsbury, VT, Southwestern Vermont, and the Surrounding Areas

Septic maintenance is integral to the longevity of your system. Our services are designed to keep your septic system running at optimal levels. From grease trap maintenance to bacteria and enzyme treatments, we work diligently to prevent costly repairs and keep your system in top shape. Remember, your septic system is an investment, and regular maintenance is crucial for its overall health. Trust our over 20 years of experience to ensure the efficient functioning of your septic system in Shaftsbury, VT, Southwestern Vermont, or the surrounding areas.

Bacteria Treatment – Bacteria is naturally present in every septic system. It helps break down what gets deposited in your system.

However, not all bacteria can digest everything you pour down your drains. Hire our team today to keep your system in check so you can avoid high septic system repair costs.

Enzyme Treatment– We’ll make sure the enzymes are balanced so your system can continue to work correctly.

Grease Traps – Your grease trap plays an important role in separating your wastewater and sewer system from your appliances and sinks. Without a grease trap, you wouldn’t have a buffer that fights against bad smells and sewage backups.

You should schedule routine septic service appointments to clean out your grease trap because:

-Septic tank replacements are expensive
-Removing blockage from your drainage system takes time
-Cleaning a backed-up grease trap is extremely difficult
-Paying penalties for your grease trap can be costly

Inspections and Repairs– Septic system repairs need to be taken care of as soon as possible. A damaged system can wreak havoc with foul smells and pooling water.

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Maintenance: Key to a Healthy Septic System

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Understanding the importance of septic maintenance is the first step towards a long-lasting and healthy septic system. It all starts with the regular inspection and cleaning of your grease trap to prevent unpleasant odors and costly replacements. Bacteria and enzyme treatments also play a crucial role in ensuring your system operates effectively, helping break down waste and prevent malfunctions. Lastly, routine inspections and prompt repairs ensure small issues don’t turn into major problems. Our septic maintenance services are your solution to a hassle-free septic system. We’re located in Shaftsbury, VT, servicing Southwestern Vermont, and the surrounding areas.