Keep Sewage Where It Belongs

Schedule septic service to prevent backups in Shaftsbury, Winhall & Bennington, VT

When you flush your toilet, you expect to get rid of that waste for good. But a backup could cause sewage to flow in the wrong direction. Avoid septic tank nightmares with septic service from local professionals. Contact All-Out Waste Management, LLC today for septic tank maintenance in Shaftsbury, Winhall & Bennington, VT.

Our crew will arrive promptly and complete your septic service with little disruption to your busy schedule. Trust us to check your system for signs of damage or malfunction. Call 802-442-5064 today to receive a price estimate on our septic backup solutions.

What are common warning signs of a septic backup?

What are common warning signs of a septic backup?

Your septic system will often warn you before a major backup. There are several key warning signs. Contact us right away if you notice:

  • Frequent drain clogs
  • Standing water near your septic tank
  • Bad odors in your home
  • Patches of overly green grass
If you ever encounter black, odorous water in your drain, bathtub or toilet, there is a serious problem in your septic system. Speak with us right away for septic tank maintenance and pumping in Shaftsbury, Winhall & Bennington, VT.